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Events - May 6

Actions & Events

Zapatista Hospital/Clinic project organising meeting Monday 15th May

An organising meeting to discuss support and fundraising for a Zapatista hospital/clinic project in the Lacandon Jungle zone, will be on 15th May 6pm at 128 Abel Smith St, Wellington. All welcome. The hospital project, in association with the Chiapas Support Committee based in San Francisco, is to build a hospital for women to give birth along with other facilities plus an emergency vehicle. The hospital will be located in 'La Garrucha', headquarters for the Zapatista Autonomous Municipality of Francisco Gomez, in the Lacandon jungle, and the Z's will do the actual work of building, providing the labour.
Contact: Paul Bruce,, Tel 04 972 8699

A successful meeting was held in Wellington on 11th April to discuss support for a hospital/clinic project in the Lacandon Jungle zone, with a subcommittee set up to look at fundraising. Julie Webb-Pullman, an Australian freelance writer who has been working in Mexico, Guatemala and recently with Prensa Latina (Cuba) outlined the situation in Chiapas, Mexico.

Funds have already been raised by an Italian solidarity group for the pharmaceutical warehouse being built now. The plan is to build a hospital for women that will have facilities for all eventualities eg. caesareans.

Please pass on your ideas contacting LAC on or Julie at

Support hunger striking Mapuche political prisoners demanding freedom and land

Please find time to take action to support the Chile Indigenous People-MAPUCHE- in hunger strike for more than 40 days (45 days today), by taken actions, sending letters, faxes and/or e-mails to the Chilean authorities and international human rights organisations.

Since Monday March 13 the Mapuche Political Prisoners confined in Angol prison (Chile South) - Patricia Troncoso, Patricio Marileo Saravia, Jaime Marileo Saravia and Juan Carlos Huenulao Lienmil - have been on hunger strike with the objective of achieving a review of the judgement under which they were sentenced to 10 years and one day plus the payment of US $791,000 (423 million Chilean pesos) in compensation to the multinational “Miminco” forestry (logging) company.

Many of these atrocities have their roots in the expropriation of ancestral indigenous lands by forestry multinational plantation companies, large land owners and the Chilean State; please support the Mapuche people in their struggle.

We suggest writing letters to the Chilean embassy

To His Excellency

Juan Salazar Sparks
Ambassador of Chile
Embassy of Chile
19 Bolton St.
Phone 64-4-471 62 70 Fax 64-4-472 53 24

To Her Excellency
Michelle Bachellet Jeria
President of the Republic of Chile
Palacio del La Moneda, Santiago, Chile

If you are interested in obtaining interviews, obtaining more information or getting involved in supporting this campaign please call 9481 2273 or 0402754818.

In Solidarity
Chilean Popular & indigenous Network

Human Rights Film Festival 3-10 May

Features "The Real Thing: Coca, Democracy and Rebellion in Bolivia" (see post titled Bolivia - The Real Thing for details). Film will be followed by a panel discussion.


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