Monday, May 15, 2006

Zapatista Profile

Info and Updates on the Zapatistas

Below are links to information on the Zapatistas.

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This highlight from Mexico Solidarity describes possible outcomes for a hospital in Chiapas:

The largest autonomous hospital in Chiapas is located in Oventic, where doctors and health care promoters provide everything from free consultations to surgery. The hospital served 8,214 patients in 2003, nearly 23 a day, an impressive track record for a hospital that works with few resources and without assistance from the state or federal governments. The hospital did 5,084 general consultations, hospitalized 216 patients and attended the needs of 625 pregnant women. The hospital oversees eight smaller clinics, one in each of the autonomous municipalities governed by the Oventic Junta, as well as a training program for health care promoters. Eventually the training program will provide at least two health care providers for each community.


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