Wednesday, May 17, 2006

CID Training Opportunities

The Council for International Development runs a number of workshops open to those involved in development. They are well worth attending if you can make the time.

Council for International Development



1st Week: CID/NZAID Regional Meetings, including discussions of new EMDR guidelines

1st Christchurch

3rd Wellington

5th Auckland

17th May: What is Development? Concepts and structures in the development sector for agency support staff. Wellington.

This half day workshop is for support staff who may not have any background in development. If you are working in the sector and would find it useful to have a chance to explore the basic ideas of development, and to find out who MFAT, NZAID, VASS, CID etc are, what they do and how they relate to each other, well this is for you - receptionists, finance people, support staff of any sort…..

30th May: The Launch of the new EMDR and VASS guidelines and an opportunity to workshop these. Wellington.

A must-do for all organisations so that we understand and can use the new guidelines effectively.

VASS Guidelines – 9.30am – 12.30pm;

EMDR Guidelines - 1.30pm – 4.30pm


14 June: Introduction to the VASS Wellington.

A must-do for all new member organisations and new staff of longer established member organisations. Explains how the system works and how you can best make successful applications to the VASS.


12 July: Toolshare For Programme Officers. Wellington

Come and share experiences with your peers. What has worked well for you? What problems have you encountered? A chance to discuss your work with others who have similar experiences.


2nd August: A Rights Based Approach to Development. Wellington.

A follow up of the 2005 introductory workshop on this topic. More details later.

30th August: Gender and development. Wellington.

An exploration of power as it impacts on gender relations, in our own communities and those of our partners. A good understanding of these issues is vital for ethical and successful work, and for access to VASS funding. Well worthwhile having at least one representative from your organisation attend this workshop.


12 September After a Partnership for Development (PfD) Grant – taking the next step. Auckland.

This workshop provides guidance for those organisations which have taken up one or more PfD grants but not yet proceeded with any partner organisation to the development of a full project/programme.

27 September: The implications of the Treaty for international development work. Wellington.

The Treaty is a fundamental document for Aotearoa NZ. How does this affect the work we do overseas? What principles and values from the Treaty can/should we carry into the work in our own organisations and with our partners. This is a chance to explore these thoughts with a facilitator and your peers.


12 – 14 October: NZAID/NGO AGM and CID AGM


8 November: VASS – Risk assessment in Project Management. Wellington. This will be a very useful, practical workshop on identifying and managing the many things that can wrong with a project/programme. We all know some risks – come and find out how much more can go wrong and what you can do to prevent or minimise the potential chaos!

29 November: Toolshare: Multi-media and other innovative teaching methodologies Wellington.

Dev-Ed Group. A chance to share good ideas, brainstorm solutions to problems and generally be inspired for the new year!

For more info contact:

Eleanor Doig

Training and Capacity Building Manager

Council for International Development

+64 4 496 9615

Travel subsidies are available from CID – up to 60% for workshops and 100% for DevEd Tool Shares.


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