Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Police Brutality in Mexico

Summary of News from Atenco, Mexico
Sources: Mexico Solidarity Network, MSN News

- The Miguel Augstin Pro Human Rights Center released video testimony from three state police officers confirming responsibility for the death of the 14-year-old." The youth saw an
officer who was trying to hide. He shouted that there was a state police officer and (the officer) took out his gun and shot him," said the officers.

- The three policemen, whose identities were protected during filming, revealed that state police arrived in Atenco armed with R-15 caliber rifles and .38 and 9 millimeter pistols."We were under orders to beat anything that moved, but only out of sight of the
media," said the police.

- Public Security Secretary Eduardo Medina admitted officials used excessive force in dealing with flower vendors and then quelling street protests.

- Of the 47 women arrested in Atenco, 30 reported sexual abuse - "having been violated with penetration of the penis, fingers or other objects" in formal complaints taken by the federal Attorney General and the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH).Police used prophylactics during the abuse, a strong indication that they came to Atenco with the intention of committing rape.

- A CNDH investigation revealed extreme physical abuse of arrestees by police, including severe and repeated beatings, degrading treatment and violation of legal protocols.As of Thursday, the CNDH received 182 separate complaints.The internal affairs department of the Federal Preventative Police initiated a separate investigation targeting at least five high level officials for involvement in the abuse.

- Human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, have questioned the arbitrary early morning arrest of over 200 people, and have demanded their immediate release.

- A coalition of more than two dozen human rights organizations noted, "In other parts of the country, most recently in Michoacan, we've seen the government act in the same way, combining state and federal forces to repress social movements."

- When asked by reporters about the demonstration, Fox was on the defensive: "If there were excesses, then they should be punished by applying the law."


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