Monday, June 26, 2006

Petro Revolucion - Active Productions

NZ film makers to capture history in Venezuela

A NZ group called Active Productions will be filming in Caracas from November to December, and have secured interviews with leading academics such as Noam Chomsky, Paul Buchanan and Eva Golinger.

Active Productions is making a documentary on internal and external factors influencing the political culture of the Bolivarian Revolution, the use of oil in Venezuela, and the character of the upcoming December presidential elections. Venezuelans are about to decide which path they
will take in the December 2006 elections. Because of how important these elections are, and the deep opposing divisions that exist in the region, they are likely to be turbulent. And they need to be documented and we are going to do this.

Latin America is currently undergoing a transformation of human social life - political, economic, and even psychological. Venezuela, under the Bolivarian Revolution, is the catalyst of this regional movement, which brings into action principles of social justice, human rights, and equality in a region with a large historical debt in these regards. The consequence of a powerful movement in this direction is that local and international (notably, the US) traditionally power groups find themselves displaced by the emerging new form of power distribution. The 2002 coup and oil strike was an example of how some groups can impede and interfere with the revolution.

Active Productions welcomes your contribution in financing this project.

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