Thursday, June 01, 2006

Update on Chiapas Project

Update on the Chiapas Hospital Project

1 June 2006

J and I are here - we went to Enlace Civil and can't do anything with the communities until the Red Alert is lifted, except be Peace Campers, and we┬┤re going to a training tomorrow to begin that process - I will probably go in next week, and J and I after two weeks of Spanish classes....! I am going to try to find work here so I can stay and be on hand when the alert is lifted...but we can fund-raise in the meantime for the ambulance because it is a cert that it will be approved. We probably need to raise about NZD $25,000 so it will take a while!!! The ambulance is USD $35,000 so we are looking at $18,000 USD for our share......unless we try to get Australia involved as well, which would be a good idea.

Julie Webb-Pullman