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Events - June 1

Actions and Events

Zapatista Hospital/Clinic project

An initial meeting took place on Monday 15th May to discuss a Zapatista hospital/clinic project in the Lacandon Jungle zone. J and I are in Mexico and about to attend a march protesting the events that took place in Atenco - media statement below. Julie has been in San Cristobal discussing hospital details and budget with ENLACE.

The next LAC meeting will be held on June 12th at 6pm at 128 Abel Smith St. This event will also be a potluck - bring a dish, heating facilities available. Nos Vemos!

The hospital project, in association with the Chiapas Support Committee based in San Francisco, is to build a hospital for women to give birth along with other facilities plus an emergency vehicle. The hospital will be located in 'La Garrucha,' headquarters for the Zapatista Autonomous Municipality of Francisco Gomez, in the Lacandon jungle, and the Z's will do the actual work of building, providing the labour.

Please pass on ideas to LAC on or Julie at <>

Solidarity Protest at the Mexican Embassy Friday, 12th May

Around a dozen people protested at the Mexican Embassy on the 12th May over the events at Atenco. A follow up letter was delivered on 29th May.

Voz Latinoamericana Wellington

Comentarios, Cultura, Musica, Poesia de todo latinonamerica y comunidad
de espanol hablantes en nueva zelandia.
Lunes - Mondays 5-6pm Access Radio 783am - en espanol.

Contact: ph 021 548 985 or

Venezuela, Philippines, Nepal Weekend

Sat, Sun July 1-2 Wellington. Venue yet to be announced.
Three people just back from Venezuela: Mike Treen,
Philippines: Mark Muller,
Nepal: Jared Phillips
In depth discussions on three contrasting realities and people's


June 12th - with GPJA spokesperson Mike Treen who has just returned from several weeks in Venezuela and Bolivia as part of an Australasian trade union solidarity brigade. He joined a million workers in Caracas for May Day, visited factories under workers control, and met leaders in liberated communities where crime has been eliminated by getting rid of the corrupt police force. Mike will tell us about what he saw and show us some great slides and film from the trip.

7.30pm Monday 12th June, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Forums - John Minto, (09) 846 3173,
Newsletter Editor - Mike Treen 027 525 4744 / 09 845 4027
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Registration of Interest: The Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network is organising its fourth Brigade to Venezuela, to coincide with the Presidential elections in December 2006. The Brigade is currently scheduled to start on November 23 and end on the election date December 3 [Running for 10 days]. The Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network will also be facilitating the participation of Brigadistas as international election observers.

For further information fill in this Registration of Interest Form

To keep up to date with developments leading up to the Presidential Elections


Visit Cuba and see for youself. Dec 26, 2006 -23 January 2007. An Australasian brigade spends a month in Cuba visiting historic sights, having discussions with unions and women's groups, staying with families · and doing a little agricultural labour to express your support and solidarity with Cuba in the face of the US blockade. Total costs are about $5000 for fares, accommodation and meals. And there is also time to lie on a beach, walk along the Malecon and dance in a Havana nightclub.

Contact Ina 09 3031755;


Patricia Troncoso, Juan Marileo, Jaime Marileo y Juan Huenulao are four MAPUCHE people who have completed 51 days in total hunger strike in Chile and their lives are now in danger. The four were convicted in a kangaroo court (using masked witnesses, distorted voices, etc) accused of terrorism under a legislation brought about decades ago by the now defunct Pinochet dictatorship and now used by the current administration in Chile. They were accused of terrorism for agitating against the theft of Mapuche land by multinational forestry companies which illegally have confiscated vast amount of Mapuche territories. Today, a campaign is been organised around the world in order to save their lives and demand and immediate end of the persecution against this indigenous nation. We will join this campaign with actions around New Zealand and we ask for support from all of you. The Chilean government have let off the thief and murderer Augusto Pinochet in impunity but incarcerates the Mapuche for defending their land. Our call is FREE MAPUCHE POLITICAL PRISONERS in CHILE NOW - HANDS OFF MAPUCHE LAND. Join us in this demand. Take Action to save the lives of these MAPUCHE prisoners. TAKE ACTION to denounce the Chilean-Multinational aggression against the Mapuche Nation.

For more information:


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