Thursday, July 06, 2006

Great Oppportunity!

Beginner’s Guide to the KOHA Fund

Wed 26th July, 2006
9.30am – 4pm

at The Meeting Room
The Centre for Global Action, Level 2,
James Smith Building, 49-55 Cuba St, Wellington

This day is designed to give an introduction to the concepts behind the KOHA Fund and its requirements, as well as some assistance going through the forms. People who are new to their organisations, or organisations that are newly KOHA accredited, will benefit from this
informative, interesting and interactive day. It is also an excellent opportunity to network with other members of the sector.

The Resource Person for the day will be Alan Fletcher, who is currently the Chair of the Programme Management Committee (PMC) of the KOHA Fund – what used to be called the PSC - and will be facilitated by Eleanor Doig.

Please register with Kyi Kyi as promptly as possible.
Look forward to seeing you there!